The Reynolds Ears

Teresa and sister

One night, while we were in O'Brien's Pub, we were looking at the many photos of patrons that decorated the wall. There was one particular picture that got Terry's attention. He mentioned to Phil O'Brien that this man in the photo looked like he could be one of his brothers. She told him that his name was Peader MacRagnaills (Peter Reynolds) and he lived there in town. Mohill is a small town in the southern part of Co. Leitrim and it seems to have a large concentration of the Reynolds Clan.

Later that night, we decided to go to The Willis Inn and Pub across the street. Who do you think was there? Peader MacRagnaills! We began talking and he introduced us to two of his brothers. Then I noticed that he had the same ears as Terry. Undoubtedly, you have heard of The Hapsburg Lip or The Barrymore Nose...well, this was The Reynolds Ears. They are slightly folded over and a bit pointed. So we decided that they must be related because of the ears and the fact that Peader looked like one of Terry's relatives.

Later in the week, we were at The Soup Bowl talking to John Reynolds about Celtic food and Celtic recipes that have been handed down through the generations. Mentioning the ears story to John, he told us that some of his family members have the same ears. I guess it's a family trait that has been passed down through the centuries.

The next day was Friday and we stopped in to Casey's Bar to see Thomas. We were telling him about the ears story, and we all had a good laugh. Just then, an elderly man came into the bar to have some refreshment. Thomas told us that he came into Mohill every Friday to do his shopping. You are probably thinking "what is so unusual about that", right? He was one of the last of the old timers, and he came into town driving his donkey and cart. It was unusual to see a donkey parked next to modern vehicles. So, Terry asked him if he could take a photo of his donkey, and he said, "Why? Don't they have donkeys in America?"

Farmer and Donkey

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