The Republic of Ireland is a country in the continent of Europe. Even though Northern Ireland is located on the same land mass as Ireland, it is part of the United Kingdom and under British Rule. There are thirty-two counties in Ireland, which are divided into the four provinces of Leinster, Munster, Connacht and Ulster. Most of Ulster is in Northern Ireland but three of the nine counties are part of the Republic of Ireland.

Ireland is a beautiful country for scenery, one of the prettiest in the world. There are many lovely lakes and rivers, with the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast and the Irish Sea on the east coast. The landscape reminds me of a patchwork quilt made of many shades of green, with lovely naturally growing plants and hedges to separate each section. The highways are easy enough for finding your way around the country, however, there are many small roads in the countryside that could become confusing if you don't know the layout of the land.

Many travelers enjoy Ireland because of its historical provenance. There are many medieval castles and churches still standing, some of which are in ruin. There are also museums and ancient sites to explore. The Irish are very sports oriented and they enthusiastically enjoy soccer and Irish football. Many visit Ireland for its famously beautiful golf courses, and the fishing there is the best in the world.

Tourism is an extremely large part of Ireland's economy. Most of the Irish people speak English, only with a brogue, and sometimes it can be so thick that you might think they are speaking another language. There are certain areas of Ireland that speak Irish, or Irish Gaelic, as the main language. Of course, Irish is the native language but, for many hundreds of years under British Rule, the Irish were forbidden to speak it. Now, learning the Irish language is mandatory in Irish schools.

Many individuals find it interesting that the current president of Ireland is a woman. Her name is Mary McAleese and she was elected as President in 1997. She is Ireland's first female president and was re-elected to a second term in 2004. Each president can serve two terms of seven years each. President McAleese is currently serving her second term through 2011.

Ireland was once a very poor country, with millions emigrating around the world to find work. The continued economic development of Ireland gives its people the ability to live a fairly decent lifestyle. There has been a surge of industrial and technological jobs added in the past decade, resulting in a flood of immigrants from throughout the world, particularly from countries in the former USSR.

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