December 2006 Newsletter
Hi Everyone...

Well, we are back from our fourth trip to Ireland, and we had a great time. Unfortunately, we were not able to do everything we had planned because the weather was not cooperating with us. It was very rainy and, being a provisional driver, I didn't like to drive too far in the rain or at night. You know that they drive on the left, and, being an American, my reflexes would be completely opposite.

We did go to Lough Rynn Castle and were given a tour by Samantha Long, Reservations Manager. It was very grand and the decor was beautiful. They had quite a bit of original furniture and oil paintings. The huge walk-in fireplace was awesome. We walked around the grounds, which were landscaped beautifully. We took a long walk down to Lough Rynn where we took photos in front of the ruins of the Reynolds Castle.

We had a wonderful time revisiting with our old friends in Mohill. We spent time with the O'Brien's, the Casey's, Teresa Bohan, Gerry and John P., John Reynolds, Peadar MacRaghnaills, Jerry Mahan and George Taylor. We also met some new friends, like Pascal and Pauline, another John Reynolds and family, Seamus Reynolds and family, Arnold Fitzpatrick and Vincent Shanley.

We spent a day in Ballinamore and went to the County Leitrim Genealogical Library. We stopped in to see Gabriel Owens at his shop, The Forge. He was the man who married a woman from New Hampshire, but she was in Dublin that day. We went to a pub and ran into one of the first people we met in Ireland, Keiran Smyth, who now owns that pub.

One afternoon we went to Sligo Towne, County Sligo. It was very foggy so we pretty much stayed in the town center and did some shopping. We unfortunately did not find the property or graves of Terry's ancestors. We did spend quite a bit of time searching through very old cemeteries. The ones we found were in Farnaught and Aghavas, but we didn't find out about another one in Cloone until the day we left, and there was no time to look.


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