The Irish Legend of Finn MacCoul

Finn MacCoul

The Irish legend of Finn MacCoul is one of the more prevalent mythological tales of Ireland. A giant of a man, Fionn mac Cumhail (Finn MacCoul), who was one of the most celebrated characters in Irish mythology, became the leading warrior of the Fianna, the military elite of ancient Ireland. The Fianna were founded in 300 B.C. by King Fiachadh (fee-a-kuh), and they were responsible for guarding the High King. Until Finn MacCoul set forth a code of honor among them, the Fianna had a reputation of being quite unruly and considered themselves above the law. Finn challenged the men of the Fianna to become champions of the people and to set an example as models of chivalry and justice. The tales of the Fianna are argued to be the basis of those of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. There are numerous tales of Finn MacCoul and his great feats, and the following are some of his tales.

Finn MacCoul and The Salmon of Knowledge
Finn MacCoul and The Isle of Man
Finn MacCoul and The Giants Causeway
How Finn MacCoul And His Men Were Bewitched

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