Irish Genealogy
Records Ireland Review has recently become affiliated with Records Ireland, owned and operated by Hilda McGauley.

Records Ireland is a professional genealogical research service providing accurate and timely searching of specific genealogical records including family research and specializing in certificates for Irish citizenship. Her decision to specialize in retrieval of specifically ordered records has allowed her to focus her service to clients, giving you the opportunity to direct your own research in a cost effective manner.

Hilda McGauley has been involved in genealogical research since 1996. She is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland and has taken an active part in the Association's activities for many years. Hilda also works with the Genealogy Advisory Service at the National Archives of Ireland. Records Ireland is easy to use and not as expensive as other genealogy search engines. The 'personal touch' is important to me, and I would be more likely to use Hilda's web site to research my Irish genealogy rather than a larger search engine such as I have had Hilda do a couple of searches and they have been successful, timely and cost effective.

Records Ireland will carry out family research including birth, marriage, death, census, land and will record searches.

Do you need a birth certificate of your Irish ancestor for your Irish Citizenship Application?

Irish Citizenship Services: Search for Birth record required for Irish Citizenship.

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Records Ireland does not have the personal touch of Records Ireland. The company is mainly a web site based collection of archive databases. Still the service could be a great way of tracing your family tree from Ireland to the States.


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